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How Much Does Renting A 360 Photo Booth Cost?

Deciding to rent a 360 photo booth can add excitement to any event, but many are unsure about the cost. On average, you might spend between $200-$600 per hour for such an innovative experience.

Our blog will guide you through the pricing landscape, helping you understand what affects rental costs and how to make the best financial decision for your celebration.

Understanding 360 Photo Booths

360 photo booths bring events to life with their dynamic, wrap-around camera action. Guests stand on a platform while a camera spins around them, capturing every angle in a high-definition video.

This innovative technology creates engaging content perfect for sharing on social media platforms like Instagram Reels and Snapchat. Enthusiasts appreciate the 360-photo booth’s ability to produce eye-catching visuals that can be streamed live or saved via Dropbox for later enjoyment.

These booths employ cutting-edge cameras and software to stitch together seamless footage, resulting in immersive slo-mo clips or gifs that make any moment memorable. With their rise in popularity, particularly at weddings and big brand activations, users love how these photo booths elevate user engagement and provide mementos that go beyond traditional still photos.

The result is digital keepsakes that capture not just images but the energy of an entire event space with everyone present.

The Cost of Renting a 360 Photo Booth

360 Photo Booth rental cost

When it comes to renting a 360 photo booth, the cost can vary depending on factors such as rental packages, extra features, and add-ons. Understanding the average prices and key considerations will help you make an informed decision when choosing a rental option.

Average 360 Photo Booth Rental Prices

Understanding the average cost of renting a 360 photo booth helps in planning and budgeting for events. Prices vary based on various factors, with the typical range falling between $200 and $600 per hour. For a better perspective, here’s a breakdown of what you might expect:

DurationAverage Rental Cost
1 hour$200 – $600
2 hours$400 – $1200
3 hours$600 – $1800
4 hours (average event length)$800 – $2400
Full day (8 hours)$1600 – $4800

This table is a snapshot of common pricing structures. Event planners should note that these figures can fluctuate. Market demand, geographical location, and specific service offerings play significant roles in pricing. The average four-hour event costing around $1600 typically includes the basics, but be prepared for variations based on your unique needs.

Package Deals

Choosing the right package deal can maximize your experience with a 360 photo booth while keeping costs in check. Rental companies often tailor their packages to include various elements like backdrops, lighting, and sharing tablets.

This means you get more bang for your buck as these bundles are designed to cater to different event sizes and preferences, taking into account factors such as the platform size and number of guests participating in the fun.

Opting for a bundle also simplifies decision-making; you select a package that fits your needs instead of picking each feature à la carte. Whether hosting a wedding or corporate event, there’s likely a package that aligns with your expectations and budget constraints.

Keep in mind though; prices hinge on the complexity of equipment included and length of rental time. So carefully compare what’s offered in each deal—some might provide more value than others depending on how much is available for your party duration and location specifics.

Extra Features and Add-Ons

Extra features and add-ons can enhance the 360 photo booth experience and offer unique options for customization. These additional elements can elevate the overall appeal of your event, providing guests with an unforgettable interactive experience. Consider the following features and add-ons to take your 360 photo booth rental to the next level:

  1. Custom Backdrops: Tailor the background of each 360 photo to match your event’s theme or branding, creating a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.
  2. Green Screen Technology: Incorporate green screen capabilities to transport guests to virtual backgrounds, enabling them to explore different settings and scenarios within their photos.
  3. Social Media Integration: Include instant social media sharing options for guests, allowing them to post their 360 photos directly to their social platforms, increasing engagement and exposure.
  4. Branded Overlays: Personalize each 360 photo with branded overlays or custom frames, reinforcing your event’s identity while providing a seamless branding opportunity.
  5. Interactive Props: Offer a selection of interactive props that respond dynamically within the 360 environment, adding an extra layer of fun and creativity for guests.
  6. Multi-Camera Array: Utilize multiple camera angles to capture dynamic moments from various perspectives, enhancing the visual impact of each 360 photo.
  7. Data Analytics Integration: Implement data analytics tools to track user engagement and interactions with the 360 photo booth, gaining valuable insights into guest experiences and preferences.

Key Cost Considerations

360 Photo Booth cost

When considering the cost of renting a 360 photo booth, factors such as staffing, setup/breakdown time, customization extras, and delivery fees should be taken into account to ensure you get the most value out of your rental.

For more detailed insights on these key cost considerations, keep reading to make an informed decision for your next event.


Staffing is a crucial consideration when renting a 360 photo booth. Depending on the complexity of the equipment and the size of the platform, you may need multiple staff members to handle delivery, setup, and teardown.

The number of staff required can impact your overall rental costs, so it’s essential to assess these needs carefully.

Additionally, staffing plays a vital role in ensuring smooth operations during an event. Having knowledgeable and efficient staff members can enhance the entire photo booth experience for guests.

Setup/Breakdown Time

Consider the setup and breakdown time as a crucial factor in your 360 photo booth rental cost calculation. Factors like equipment complexity, backdrops, lighting, and platform size can directly impact this.

Be sure to inquire about any additional fees for delivery, setup, and teardown when comparing rental companies. Remember to factor these costs into your total budget.

Understanding the intricacies of setting up and dismantling a 360 photo booth is key to making an informed decision about rentals. The size of the platform along with backdrop adjustments will influence the time required for setup and breakdown.

Customization Extras

Customization extras for 360 photo booth rentals can enhance the experience and make each event unique. Here are some popular customization extras to consider:

  1. Backdrops: Choose from a variety of backdrops to match the theme or style of your event, from elegant drapes to vibrant patterns.
  2. Digital Themes: Add a personalized touch with digital themes that can transform the background of photos into different settings, such as beaches, cityscapes, or fantasy landscapes.
  3. Live Slideshow: Keep the excitement going by displaying a live slideshow of captured photos on a screen at the event, allowing guests to enjoy and share moments instantly.
  4. Prints: Offer high-quality prints of the 360 photos as keepsakes for guests to take home and cherish.
  5. Props: Enhance the fun with an assortment of props such as hats, glasses, signs, and accessories that add a playful element to the photo-taking experience.
  6. Wi-Fi Hotspot Rental: Provide seamless sharing capabilities by offering Wi-Fi hotspot rental so that guests can upload their 360 photos directly to social media or send them via email.

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are an essential aspect to consider when renting a 360 photo booth. These fees typically depend on the distance and location of the event. It’s recommended to inquire about delivery charges when researching rental companies, as they can significantly impact the overall cost.

Factors such as setup/breakdown time and staffing are crucial in determining delivery costs for a 360 photo booth rental. Understanding these aspects can help gauge the total expenses more accurately.

Additionally, locations that require longer travel distances may incur higher delivery fees, so it’s important to factor this into your budgeting considerations.


When considering the cost of renting a 360 photo booth, it’s essential to factor in the length of rental, location, included features, and additional services. Researching and getting quotes from several rental companies helps in comparing prices and services to find the best fit for your event.

Remember to consider budget, space requirements, technical expertise, guest experience, and the type of event when making your decision.orenting a 360 photo booth is a strategic investment that can elevate any event by providing guests with a unique experience and creating lasting memories through amazing video output, social media sharing opportunities,a d seamless customization options.


What is the average cost of renting a 360 photo booth?

The average cost to rent a 360 photo booth can vary, with prices typically ranging depending on factors like rental duration and additional features.

How does a 360 photo booth work?

A 360 photo booth captures digital photos from all angles using an overhead camera system, creating immersive images that are often shared on platforms like YouTube or used in virtual reality.

Can I rent a 360 photo booth for just one hour?

Yes, many companies offer 360-photo booths rental price per hour options allowing you to rent the equipment for short events.

Are there extra costs when renting a 360 photo booth?

When considering how much it is to rent a 360 Photo Booth, be aware that there might be extra fees such as delivery charges or insurance costs not included in the base price.

Is it expensive to have a 360-photo booth at my wedding?

Renting a 360-photo booth for your wedding adds unique entertainment but expect higher costs compared to standard photo booths due to its advanced technology.

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